How to order


I´m glad you´d like to order from me, here´s how it´s done:

  • For information about price and deliverancetime, send an email to christine(a) Please add a picture and measurements if possible.
  • When you´ve decided to order, mail me again.
  • You can undo the order, until I get in contact, before starting with your order,
  • When the product is done, you´ll recieve a photo of it together with an invoice, to pay in advance.
  • Products are shipped with Posten as recommended letter, that means you´re the only one who can fetch the parcel, and you will have to show your id, at the post office. Customer pays for shipping cost.
  • Return a product:
    When you order an already made product, I´ll send pictures of the product, from all angles. It´s customers responsibility to look carefully, ask relevant questions about the product, to avoid unecessery shipping costs.
    If the product doesn´t meet your expectations it´s okay to send it in return, within 10 days, please get in contact with me rightaway, customer pays for shipping cost. As soon as the product is back with me, you´ll have your money back, except shipping costs.
    When you order a uniqe product, made on demand,
    the product is supposed to match your order, if it does, there´s no return
  • Regarding complaint:
    if the product should be damaged, or isn´t fit for use, it´s possible to complaint.
    If damaged, under shipping, please contact me, as soon as possible, and I´ll solve it with the shipping company.
    If for example a zipper breaks after two months, send it to me for repair.
    Of course I´ll pay for the repair and shipping cost.
  • Regarding repairs in general:
    If after a longer time wear and tear occur, I can repair your product, but in this case, customer pays for repair and shipping cost.
  • Important to know about handmade products:
    Mostly the handmade product has a higher quality than the machinemade, however it will wear marks from the hand, which makes each item unique. The leather might have small holes or scares, from the life of the animal. It can vary in shade, gloss, and thickness from reindeer to reindeer. Of course I use the best leather I can find, and only the best parts of it, but compared to machinemade bags, the difference between bags is visible. In return you get a handmade leather, organic and totally free from chemicals.
    Meusures on the products may vary within millimetres, due to difference in material or by human factor. The are many more than these two examples, I have chosen them to give you some kind of picture of what handicraft means.
  • Maintenance:
    All products need maintenance, please find out more about your specific item. Leather might need greasing, for example.