My name is Christine Utsi Pittja, and I´m 35 years old.
I´ve been working with leather and textile duodji – sami handicraft, since 2006 when I finished my education with Samernas folkhögskola in Jokkmokk.
Under the name Nomade I make bags from reindeerleather by hand, the leather is tanned with salt and treebarch, all natural.
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2018 01 23

My name is Christine Utsi Pittja, I´m 34 years old
and live in the countryside, in northern Sweden, Sápmi.
I work with duodji, sámi handicraft with my own business.
Mostly I make bags from reindeer leather under the name Nomade.Vallje_studio_juni17-104_2160px_CJUTSI

My work are always handmade, made by vegetable tanned reindeer leather, of high quality. The bags all have beautiful details, sometimes pewter embroydery, or silver.
The roots are traditional Sámi handicraft, but a lot of my inpiration comes from contemporary trends and fashion.Duodji_20jan18_20_2160px_CJUTSI

Soon the wintermarket in Jokkmokk is coming up, the first week in februari.
During the market week you can see my work at the Àjtte museum in the exhibition Modern classics, and in the pop up store Tjoakke at Àja.Vallje_studio_juni17-161_2160px_CJUTSI

2017 05 23

23th May 2017


From March I’ve joined a project called Utvecklingsnod Sápmi,
that aims to support Sami entreprenours working within creative and cultural fields.
Through this project I’ve got a work place in central Gällivare, at Vallje,
that I can use after my parental leave is over.
20170523_102646Today I’m here visiting, together with the baby, looking forward to spend more time here.


2017 feb 2

New year, new challenges.

This year you can see two of my bags in Trondheim, Norway
in the exhibition Modern Classics.

This week is Jokkmokk wintermarket happening, for the 412th year.
I have some products at the Sámi Duodji store in central Jokkmokk,
where they have lots of wonderful sami handicraft.
I strongly recommend a visit there, if you´re in Jokkmokk.
I’m going to Jokkmokk myself now, to enjoy the festivities,
buy duodji materials and fill up with inspiration!

As usual you can order duodji, from me,
take contact for accurate information about deliverance and prices.




17th of June 2016

I thought I’d show a few projects I’ve been working with this spring,
it’s been a creative period with many different type of duodji20160318_114810

Here is a small bag for smartphone, to wear around your neck.

20160411_071655 (1)

This is a shoulderbag with a special pocket for laptop,
it’s decorated with pewter embroydery.


A pewter emboyded bracelet for a dear friend.

I have also made a lot of traditional duodji,
traditional sami custumes for men, women and a baby boy.

Here’s a photo of a traditional silver belt from the Arvidsjaur area.


2016 02 29

29  February 2016

During March my work will be exhibited at Lilla Galleriet in Umeå,
the exhibition opens March 5th, at 12pm, when the Sami Week in Umeå begins.
In the same gallery there will also be art by Anders Sunna.

I will bring handbags, sholulderbags, a clutch bag and a briefcase.
Focus will on pewter emboydery.

Hope to see you there!2016-02-29 09.24.36

2015 11 02

2015 11 02

I’m back in full production again after being on parental leave for more than a year,
my latest projects have been a female gákti from the Karesuando area, and a bracelet for a watch, for Gustavson and Sjogren.

The variation keeps the creativity on top, and now I’m starting with a hat made from reindeer leather and blue fox fur.

2014 05 14

14th of May 2014

In january I was blessed with a little girl, called Márge
since then I work one day a week.
This means it’s possible to make your order as usual.

At the moment I’m making traditional sámi custumes  for two young men, to wear at a  wedding, and now and then I work with tin bracelets.

Recently I made a bag, with tin embroydery, for a customer.
I also have a similar bag in the exhibition Made in Sápmi, by Sámi Duodji.
The exhibition is shown i Umeå museum during this spring.



1 of July 2013

After a hectic june I’m finally able to take on new projects.
June’s always a busy time, with the schoolholidays coming up, people order traditional sami custumes an such. Which I had great fun making, pictures will be posted as soon as possible.

During July I’ll move to the mountains, where there´s no electicity, so I have spent the past days preparing and packing for that. I’ll work with reindeerleather, sewing by hand during this time.

Other´s pack for holiday vacations, however, with this job who´d need a vacation?