Ethnic heritage-Modern design

Nomade is a bag collection by Christine Utsi

Classic and timeless
Products of high quality
exclusive materials
with a smart functional inside


The Sámi are a nomadic reindeer herding people
As nomads we have developed a design
functional and well organized
made to simplify a travelling life

Ideal for todays urban nomadsVaskor_nov11-57_1200px

Nomade makes bags for you and your needs, on demand.
Bags with an exclusive outside, and a functional inside
For computers, Ipads, smartphones and more.
Intelligent bags for intelligent equipment.

Christine Utsi is located in Porjus, Sweden, Sápmi

Photo by Carl Johan Utsi Photography

”My  vision is to make Sámi culture and handicraft
interesting and understandable
for people outside the Sámi community”